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Zurhem and the Creative Odyssey of Mehruz Munir

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Enter the realm of Zurhem, where luxury fashion is reimagined by Creative Director Mehruz Munir. This is more than just clothing; it’s a journey of culture, sustainability, and inclusivity. Join us in celebrating the future of fashion and social change

In the vibrant heart of the Dhaka’s fashion world, there unfolds a captivating journey, and the maestro behind this sartorial symphony is none other than Mehruz Munir. Behold, the Creative Director of Zurhem, a visionary whose role in shaping the course of luxury fashion in Bangladesh is nothing short of an epic tale woven with threads of innovation and inspiration.

Zurhem did not merely aspire to be a fashion label; it yearned to metamorphose into a cultural sensation, a beacon of pride and elegance. They have alchemized mere clothing into status symbols, transformed fashion shows into coveted social events, and set social media ablaze with their audacious creations.

As the Creative Director of Zurhem, Mehruz Munir stands at the forefront of this fashion revolution, his creative genius igniting the brand’s meteoric rise. Today, the spotlight gleams upon the remarkable journey of Zurhem, a tale that brims with creative whirlwinds, innovative fervor, and an unwavering dedication to reshape the very essence of luxury fashion in Bangladesh.

For years, Bangladesh had been synonymous with mass production and fast fashion, but the repercussions of this approach echoed far and wide. The global fashion stage was evolving, awakening to the consequences of heedless consumption, and craving quality, ethics, and sustainability. Fast fashion, once a juggernaut, now teetered on the brink. Cheap garment factories shuttered, and brands recognized that sustainability was not a choice but an imperious need.

Zurhem, a trailblazer, embraced this transformation with open arms. They didn’t follow trends; they set them. Tirelessly, they toiled to diminish their carbon footprint, curtail plastic usage, and birth a sustainable product line. Yet, their mission wasn’t limited to clothing; it encompassed education, awareness, and empowerment of their clients to make a difference.

The gender boundaries melted under Zurhem’s discerning gaze as their women’s clothing line garnered accolades. Mehruz Munir, in a stroke of genius, designed a magnificent evening gown for Shirin Akter Shela, an embodiment of the nation on the international stage. Inspired by Sylhet’s tea gardens and the indomitable tea-pickers, the gown oozed elegance and paid homage to their toil. Witnessing Shela grace the Miss Universe stage filled him with profound pride.

The success saga continued with the launch of Zurhem’s SS19 line, a thunderous presence in the realm of men’s fashion in Bangladesh. In just a few short years, they rewrote the rules of luxury fashion, elevating owning a Zurhem suit to a symbol of prestige, rivaling high-end foreign luxury brands. An alliance with the prestigious Italian fashion house, Ermenegildo Zegna, was just the tip of their burgeoning iceberg.

Mehruz Munir reminisces about the dearth of fashion options for young men in Dhaka’s past. But today, they unveil ZRM, a line of casuals and party wear tailored for young men yearning for comfort, versatility, and style. They recognize that fashion is more than status; it’s self-expression. They’re also rolling out the Executive line, making fashionable work attire accessible to ambitious young professionals.

Their foray into women’s apparel might have raised eyebrows, but they recognized an opportunity to grant women the quality, style, and choice they’ve long provided for men. Women have always possessed a flair for style, and exploring the realm of women’s fashion has been a thrilling journey. Zurhem and ZRM now offer women’s apparel alongside their men’s line.

But Zurhem is not merely clothing; it’s an entire experience. Their venture into shoes, from classic brogues to dress shoes, completes the ensemble, rendering a seamless, stylish experience for their clients.

Their boutiques transcend the concept of stores; they are veritable lifestyle destinations. From the decor to the ambiance, from their attentive shop assistants to their luxurious packaging, every facet is meticulously designed to elevate the act of shopping. Their new atelier in Banani is a testament to this philosophy, offering a unique, hyper-masculine setting reminiscent of New York speakeasies, adorned with dark paneling, gold-veined marble, and mirrored surfaces.

The journey of Zurhem, from inception to zenith, underscores their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. It’s not just about fashion; it’s about catalyzing societal change. Mehruz Munir firmly believes that fashion wields the power to address social issues. At Zurhem, they’re at the forefront of recognizing marginalized communities, advocating inclusivity, and embracing gender neutrality, igniting a conversation long overdue in Bangladesh.

Their recent fashion show, themed around the “divine tree,” delved profoundly into the importance of nature. Just as the divine tree bestows life, it also takes, mirroring our responsibility to care for our environment. They’ve taken significant steps to reduce plastic consumption, vowing to do more in the future.

As Mehruz Munir reflects on his personal journey, he’s transported back to a challenging childhood marked by shyness and relentless bullying. These experiences have forged him and fueled his determination to create change, to remain authentic in everything he does.

Zurhem is not merely a fashion brand; it’s a platform for storytelling, a catalyst for change. It’s about recognizing the worth of every individual, irrespective of race, gender, status, belief, size, or sexual orientation. In a society that occasionally shies away from these conversations, they believe in being the voice that sparks dialogue.

In a spectacular encore reminiscent of last year’s triumph, Zurhem is once again set to mesmerize as it collaborates with the esteemed Sarah Karin Couture and Sahar Rahman Couture to unveil the eagerly awaited Bangladesh Wedding Couture Week 2024.

Last year, the opulent grandeur of bridal ensembles stole the hearts of soon-to-be brides and grooms. This year, they embark on a journey to push the boundaries even further, aiming to leave the audience in the bustling port city of Chittagong spellbound. In a place where weddings are celebrated on an unparalleled scale, Chittagonians elevate this grand occasion to a level of unmatched splendor.

Mehruz Munir, the visionary at the helm, describes his collection as a tropical paradise where vibrant colors and intricate embroidery will reign supreme, fusing tradition with opulence. Given their extraordinary track record, it’s safe to assume that this collection will yet again etch its mark in the annals of fashion history, a celebration of Zurhem’s enduring triumph.

Standing there, observing the evolution of luxury fashion in Bangladesh, a luminous future unfolds before their eyes. A future where fashion transcends stereotypes and empowers individuals. Zurhem stands at the helm, challenging norms and making a difference. The journey is far from over, but they are ready to embrace it, to shape not just fashion but the narrative of culture, society, and the world. It’s a journey worth embarking on, and Zurhem stands poised to lead the way.


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