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The Visionary & Sustainable Artist: Sheikh Tanha’s Journey Beyond Fashion

Sheikh Tanha THE FAME
Sheikh Tanha

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Sheikh Tanha stands as a catalyst of innovation, merging her love for design with a commitment to a resilient ecosystem. In a heartfelt conversation, she reveals her journey in the fashion industry, the impetus behind her career choice, and her vision for innovative fashion trends imbued with an outlook for a green environment.

A Passion Ignited

Tanha’s journey into the realm of fashion began with a childhood steeped in the rich tapestry of creativity. Observing her mother’s skilled hands shaping handmade garments ignited a spark, a fascination for the artistry of fashion design. “I have always had a knack for fashion designing,” she shares. This innate passion led her to complete a Master’s in Fashion Designing from Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology, laying the groundwork for her future venture.

In 2019, Tanha materialized her dream with the launch of “Taan—her well-regarded fashion line. The brand holds a remarkable journey in the world of fashion itself, where each creation speaks of style and highlights the necessity of safeguarding the environment.

Vision for Ecological Harmony 

What sets Tanha apart is her design prowess. Her commitment to protecting the environment has a great impact on her creation. Actually, her upbringing in a culturally enriched environment instilled in her a love for art, craft, and nature. This fascination of Tanha later evolved into a responsibility for protecting our environment at stake.

“I utilized my stand for sustainability through the art of fashion designing,” Tanha states. Her brand, “Taan,” became a thriving platform to promote eco-friendly practices. Through her designs, she intertwines modernity with tradition, creating pieces that resonate with the global audience. This way, she is contributing to the revival of Bangladesh’s fading heritage.

Crafting Tradition with a Contemporary Twist

One of Tanha’s significant collections, “Tepa Putul,” pays homage to Bangladeshi culture. Over and above that, it exemplifies her sincerity to have a green earth. The stitches and designs for Tepa Putul are awe-inspiring. One of her designs represents the first stage of soli work, where deformed shapes are made with fingers only. Amazed by this, Tanha molds fabric together and stitches them like crawly mud lines. This indicates her vivid imagination and how much she admires nature.

Tanha loves cords and patches in her design, making every piece of design extraordinary. The way she visualizes and integrates the scrapes of clothes in the garment is brilliant. Another way she is outshining is by embedding fewer artificial embellishments. So, her design mainly contains the heavy use of fabric manipulation.

The collection incorporates AZO-free materials, local handwoven fabrics, and hand-stitched embellishments, catering to those who value the principles of slow fashion. The fusion of traditional elements with modern cuts and patterns showcases Tanha’s dedication to connecting Bangladeshi artistic heritage with prevailing design trends.

Runway to Impactful Social Change

What fuels Tanha’s creative energy is her passion for showcasing Bangladeshi heritage on a global stage. Inspired by the achievements of elders in the field, every project becomes an opportunity to connect with diverse communities and find solutions to real-world problems.

Beyond the glamour of the runway, Tanha finds fulfillment in knowing that her work directly impacts the lives of artisans, tailors, and laborers. “They are true heroes in every sense, and that’s a huge source of inspiration for me,” she shares.

Thoughtful Fashion Choices

In a world saturated with consumerism, Tanha encourages a shift in perspective. Her designs tell a story beyond the fabric; they narrate a tale of sustainability and conscious consumption. “We are in a state of ‘plastic love’ with regard to our clothing,” she remarks, urging consumers to consider the reason behind each purchase.

Spotlight on Success

In 2023, Tanha gleamed on the runways of Bangladesh Fashion Week and Dhaka Fashion Day. These moments marked personal triumphs and opportunities to showcase her sustainability-inspired fashion label, “Taan,” to a wider audience. Tanha firmly believes that fashion can be a force for good, and her participation in these events reflects her commitment to using her platform to make a positive difference.

Moreover, she is an esteemed member of the Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh (FDCB). This is a renowned non-profit organization focused on innovative ideas for fashion. Organized by FDCB, she recently participated in Bangladesh Fashion Week 2023 and Impossible Collection of Fashion 2022 with her mind-blowing fabric play. She also holds the Bangladesh Achievers Awards 2023 as Sustainable Designer Of Year with pride.

Aspirations in the Road Ahead

Looking to the future, Tanha aspires to be a successful fashion designer in the realm of fashion rooted in the green economy. Her dream extends to establishing a foundation that provides artists with a platform to sell directly to global consumers, with better pricing for their products.

We find more than a fashion designer in Sheikh Tanha, a visionary contributing to shaping the narrative of sustainable fashion, and one exquisite design at a time. Her journey is a testament to personal success, which is guided by the transformative power of fashion and a commitment to change.


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