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SURONGO : Afran Nisho’s Star Power Secures his  Successful Debut


“This is my first film, but I’ve been acting for two decades. My entire career has led up to this debut,” Afran Nisho talks about his big cinematic debut.

Long before its release, “Shurongo” heightened expectations, owing largely to Nisho’s presence and Raihan Rafi’s excellent track record.

Nisho’s long-awaited film debut did not disappoint his supporters, who had been longing to see him in his rightful place. Despite the heavy rain, most multiplexes were packed. Due to the high demand from the public, “Shurongo” set an all-time record at Star Cineplex, with 33 shows each day. It is expected that the film will have more halls on the second day. 

Surongo Movie Poster

People were divided on whether “Shurongo” would do well in theaters. After all, transitioning from television to the big screen isn’t always seamless. The equation revealed the scenario that people greeted him with all their hearts in just four days of its release.

Although numerous small screen stars have appeared in films over the previous two decades, they have failed to make an impact. One exception is Chanchal Chowdhury, who has become linked with massively successful films.

Nisho’s journey appears to be a foreshadowing of another such incident. Furthermore, a film’s commercial success may be determined after one month of release. The outpouring of affection from fans is a promising indicator that “Shurongo” will be financially successful. 

Tama Mirza played Moyna, alongside Nisho as Masud in the film. Their chemistry spellbound the audience to the extent that they are being called by their characters’ name already.

Raihan Rafi told The Daily Star that all of the tickets for the next four days are already sold out. “This is extremely great news for us, and the Bangladeshi film industry. Our cinema is growing,” said Rafi. He also informed that not just multiplexes, “Shurongo” is going houseful in the single screens outside Dhaka as well. 

Surongo Movie Teaser

Nisho and Tama are also excited with the news. They are grateful to the audience for showing this support and loving their work.

“Shurongo” will be making waves outside the country too. It will be released in the USA, Canada, India, Australia, and the Middle East very soon. 

Rafi shared that on July 7 “Shurongo” will be released in 6 cities of Australia, while on July 21 in Canada and New York and on July 28 in the USA.


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