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Niharika Momtaz: The Artistic Trailblazer Weaving Tradition into Fashion


In the bustling city of Doha, a fashion revolution of unparalleled elegance and cultural fusion unfolded on October 6th. The event, “ENCHANTING FABRICS UNITING CULTURES,” brought to life the rich heritage of Bangladeshi fabrics in a contemporary style. At its helm was the remarkable Dubai-based Bangladeshi designer, Niharika Momtaz, who meticulously curated the event as the show producer. Organized by The Embassy of Bangladesh, Doha, and Ananna – Association of Women in Qatar, in collaboration with Council Of Modest Fashion, Futad, and Richmond, the event was a testament to Niharika’s vision and artistry.

Niharika Momtaz, whose creations transcend the boundaries of fashion, shared her artistic philosophy, “Through motifs, materials, and colors, I celebrate the deep-rooted traditions of Bangladesh. In my work, I try to emphasize the inherent beauty of handwoven craftsmanship and raw material.” These words encapsulate her commitment to preserving the rich cultural tapestry of her homeland and channeling it into contemporary fashion.

The event attracted an array of distinguished guests and ambassadors, including HE Farhan Sheikh Al Sayed, Ambassador of Congo, the Ambassador of Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Philippines, along with the Deputy Head of Mission of North Macedonia and the Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of Georgia. The Cultural Attaché of the Russian Embassy to Qatar was also in attendance, underscoring the significance of the evening. HE Md Nazrul Islam, the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Qatar, further emphasized the importance of the event.

The creative force behind the evening, Niharika Momtaz, brought to life an exquisite showcase, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. She is not just a designer but a visionary artist who seamlessly blends culture and fashion to create a brand that resonates with elegance and sophistication.

Collaborating with HE Farhan Sheikh Al Sayed, Niharika incorporated his Misbah series into her collection, a tremendous honor and a testament to her unique ability to intertwine diverse artistic elements seamlessly.

Niharika introduced her heritage textile collections, each telling a story of Bangladesh’s deep-rooted traditions. “Gamcha,” a traditional cotton towel adorned with check and striped patterns, was transformed into a canvas for intricate artistry. The ‘Tales Of Thread’ collection saw art intricately woven into the fabric, creating pieces that celebrated origami motifs and paintings by acclaimed artist Qamrul Hasan. This revolutionary approach breathed new life into one of Bangladesh’s most ancient forms of hand-spun craftsmanship.

“Jamdani,” a technique involving the manual laying of designs on cotton and silk, emerged as the ‘Madhobilata’ collection, a rich tapestry of cultural legacy, highlighting the age-old tradition and artistry of Bangladesh. These creations aren’t just functional; they represent a symbol of artistic and historical resonance.

“Prerona,” a collection of traditional handwoven Banarasi Katan silk saris, celebrated heritage fabrics and traditional styles. Niharika’s emphasis on the inherent beauty of handwoven craftsmanship and raw materials was evident. These saris, crafted by skilled artisans of Bangladesh, embodied premium quality and sheen.

The ‘ASHA’ Bespoke Collection featured fine zari organza sarees, where Niharika highlighted the importance of circularity and responsibility. Her designs intertwine tradition with contemporary values, representing a new luxury that respects the environment and heritage.

Israt Ara Yunus, the president of Anannya – Association of Women in Qatar, expressed her gratitude, saying, “We were grateful to have collaboration with a talented personality, Niharika Momtaz, in organizing the event, who played a pivotal role in curating the exquisite event as a show producer. She also mesmerized us with her handloom collections, emphasizing the inherent beauty of handwoven craftsmanship, the rich heritage of Bangladesh, and sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials.”

From the vibrant streets of Dhaka to the glamorous world of Dubai’s haute couture fashion scene, Niharika Momtaz has charted an extraordinary course as an entrepreneur and boutique designer. Her journey began with a profound reverence for her Bangladeshi heritage and a rich tapestry of cultural influences from an early age. Hailing from Chittagong, Bangladesh, Niharika began her journey in clothing design at the remarkably young age of 18. Her jewelry brand, “1972 Couture Jewelry,” emerged as an embodiment of her inspirations.

With a profound affinity for cultural symbolism and meticulous artisanship, Niharika’s handwoven Saree creations seamlessly meld heritage and contemporary aesthetics. Each design is a testament to her innate talent for infusing narrative into wearable masterpieces, handcrafting an exceptional and profound encounter for those who don them.

Niharika has showcased her collections at various international fashion shows, from Abuja to Cannes, London, Turkey, Colombo, Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Dhaka, and Chittagong. Notably, she holds the distinction of being the first Bangladeshi designer to venture into the realm of fashion NFT, marking a pioneering step in the industry.

With her initiatives, such as Bangladesh Art Week and Heritage Bangladesh Foundation, Niharika Momtaz has successfully blended contemporary elegance with whimsical nostalgia, skillfully intertwining art, culture, and history. Her journey is a testament to her passion for creativity and her unwavering dedication to preserving the heritage of Bangladesh.

Niharika Momtaz’s rise as an entrepreneur, art connoisseur, fashion and jewelry designer is a tale of inspiration, passion, and creativity. Her commitment to her roots and her innovative endeavors, including her work with NFTs, is a testament to her enduring dedication to the world of art and culture. With endeavors like Bangladesh Art Week and Heritage Bangladesh Foundation, Niharika continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of fashion, art, and heritage.


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